Outpatient Tubal Reversal by Laparoscopy

It has been well documented that over 70% of all women with a tubal ligation regret their decision at some point ¬†in the future. In today’s high tech environment there are essentially two options to conceive after a tubal ligation: IVF or Tubal Reversal.

Our specialty practice offer both options and our physicians will be able to counsel you about which option will best serve your individual needs.

A Tubal Reversal at IVFMD is done by laparoscopy, similar to the approach that surgeons nowadays take to remove a Gallbladder or repair a hernia. This assures small scars with the ability to move around within two to three days, unrestricted and with minimal discomfort. Also, pregnancy may already be attempted the subsequent month! Dr. Eisermann presented one of the first series on this advanced surgical technique during the 1994 Meeting of the American Fertility Society. After hundreds of completed laparoscopic reversals we have an unmatched level of experience with this patient-friendly approach.

The entire procedure is documented in digital images and intra-operative patency will be documented. We are so confident with the efficacy of our laparoscopy tubal reversal, that we offer IVF without professional fees to those patients who fail to demonstrate open tubes after surgery. Our designated surgical facility is part of a nationwide hospital network and excels n patient satisfaction and scheduling flexibility.

The procedure cost can be financed through financial institutions. A list of our partnered financial institutions can be found under our financial information tab.

To schedule your procedure, call us for an appointment. If you live out-of-town, we will be happy to do everything we can to accommodate you, allowing for the shortest possible time spent away from home.