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Founded in 1991, IVFMD is proud to offer world-renowned, individualized care right here in South Florida. The doctors and staff at IVFMD understand the personal frustrations associated with infertility. Our practice offers the latest advances in infertility testing and treatment, along with the focused dedication you deserve, with the personalized care and high success rates you may not find at other, larger, “take-a-number” IVF centers.

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Systemic Inflammation Fertility Test (SIFT)

Patients seek out fertility testing and treatment when they have difficulty becoming or staying pregnant

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Aetna Institute of Excellence

IVFMD is proud to that we have been designated as an Aetna Institute of Excellence®

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A special thanks to Dr. Ellen Wood  and staffs who were patiently there for me and my husband during our difficult  journey of conceiving a baby without the sickle cell desease. After two failed cycles, my hudband and I were emotionally drained and wanted to give up... Dr. Ellen was there for us every single step of the way to help out with advices, medications and many more. Now, we are home with a beautiful daughter because of her persistence. We love and appreciate you and your works Dr. Ellen! The Sylvain's family,
G.Sylvain Appreciation Thursday, 03 October 2013