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Founded in 1991, IVFMD is proud to offer world-renowned, individualized care right here in South Florida. The doctors and staff at IVFMD understand the personal frustrations associated with infertility. Our practice offers the latest advances in infertility testing and treatment, along with the focused dedication you deserve, with the personalized care and high success rates you may not find at other, larger, “take-a-number” IVF centers.

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Patients seek out fertility testing and treatment when they have difficulty becoming or staying pregnant

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bleesed couple

After 3 miscarriages and 1 failed IVF at another clinic, we went to see Dr. Eisermann. Our possibilities were very low, but now after 8 years and 2 treatments, we have 1 lovely child and 2 days ago we received the good news that we are expecting baby #2.  Trust Dr. Eisermann, he is an angel God sent from heaven!
bleesed couple Dr. Eisermann Monday, 10 February 2014