Egg Freezing

Egg freezing maybe an option to prolong your fertility.

Beginning in a woman’s 20’s, the eggs not only begin to diminish in quantity, but also in quality. 1 in 8 American women have fertility issues and approximately 13 of women aged 35-39 will suffer from infertility at some point.

Our approach to stimulating ovaries and harvesting eggs for long term storage is simple, time efficient, highly cost competitive and minimally disruptive.

With the emergence of highly successful egg freezing technologies the demand for its use as a tool to stop the clock is becoming an increasingly more popular among women in advanced reproductive age. Even career oriented college graduates consider cryo preserving their eggs as a great way to relax while focusing on their career rather than getting pregnant or stressing to find “Mr. Right” before time runs out.

Our approach to stimulating ovaries and harvesting eggs for long term storage is simple, time efficient, cost sensitive and minimally disruptive.

Recently we have seen more young women facing recurrent ovarian endometriosis cysts or ovarian dermoid cyst recurrences, asking for Fertility Preservation out of fear of losing all their ovarian tissue to these benign, but nonetheless progressively destructive conditions.

In most women under the age of 35 we can expect a recovery rate of 70% of all cryopreserved mature oocytes, allowing for quite realistic chances to conceive a child through subsequent In Vitro Fertilization and embryo transfer.

Why Freeze Your Eggs?

Your life is busy, sometimes finding Mr.Right just hasn’t happened yet. Or maybe your career is just taking off and trying to fit in being a mother just isn’t in the boots yet.

Freezing your eggs gives you a greater chance at ensuring and securing your fertility through the years.

What is Egg Freezing?

The process of egg-freezing (oocyte cryopreservation), involves stimulating the ovaries with hormones to produce multiple eggs, retrieving the eggs from the ovaries and cryopreserving them, and then storing them for later. That’s not where the story ends, however:

At IVFMD we don’t just freeze your eggs, we truly care about your reproductive future!



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