Becoming an Egg Donor

Thank you for your interest in the IVFMD egg donation program. Egg (oocyte) donation is a method of assisted reproduction which allows a woman with healthy, fertile eggs to donate her eggs to a woman, man, or couple who no longer has any eggs or who has few or no fertile eggs.  Thus, egg donation offers others a chance to conceive a healthy baby – a chance they might otherwise never have.

The process of egg donation involves retrieving eggs from the ovary of a donor and then fertilizing the eggs with the sperm of the patient’s partner or sperm donor.  Fertilization occurs in the laboratory and the resulting embryo or embryos are placed in the recipient’s uterus.

We are looking for healthy women aged 21-30.

Based on an initial screening questionnaire (follow the link provided below), IVFMD will determine if there is any reason you should not donate.

Click here to go to our Secure Online Donor Questionnaire.

The coordinator will contact you once our Medical Director has received your questionnaire.  Then, our coordinator will explain the program to you in detail and review the screening you will need to undergo thereafter in order to determine your eligibility as a potential donor.  The screening, which is free of charge to you, consists of consultations, a comprehensive physical examination, Pap smear, vaginal cultures, blood tests, vaginal ultrasounds, and a psychological evaluation.  This testing will be scheduled according to your menstrual cycle and your daily schedule.  When all of your testing is completed and if the Medical Director has approved you, we will establish a time for the start of the actual donation cycle.

You will be asked to sign a consent form which gives us permission to carry out the process of egg donation.  If you are married, your husband will also need to sign the consent form.  The process of donation requires three weeks of frequent visits to our office for blood tests and ultrasound exams.  During this time, you will receive daily injections of medicine (using a very small needle) to make some of your eggs grow and mature.  Once the eggs are mature, we remove them from the ovaries through the vagina via a minor surgical procedure done under intravenous (IV) sedation in our office.

You will be able to go home within a few hours but must limit your activities for a few days after this procedure.  You will be seen after the egg retrieval procedure to ensure your optimal health.

You will be compensated for your time and effort.

By donating eggs, you can make a tremendous difference in the life of the person receiving them.  Without you, they most likely would never experience the joy of bearing a child.  We truly appreciate your support and assistance.