Egg Donation Program

donate_eggsHaving a child with the help of an egg donor offers the possibility of parenthood to men and women who need the assistance of conception using another person’s egg.  Male/male couples may use an egg donor along with a gestational carrier.  Donor eggs may be suitable for women who have a uterus but have poor quality or a low quantity of eggs (diminished ovarian reserve).

In a process similar to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), eggs are harvested from a donor, fertilized with sperm, and the developing embryo or embryos would subsequently be transferred into the recipient’s uterus.

A resulting pregnancy will be genetically related to the intended father and gestated by the intended mother.  Although the issues surrounding egg donation are complex, IVFMD is proud to have a flourishing egg donation program.  We have a dedicated egg donation team on staff committed to catering to the needs of our egg donors and recipients.  IVFMD has a wide variety of egg donors available to help our patients achieve their dreams of having a family.

family_smWe have designed a program dedicated to evaluating the medical and psychological profiles of all donors.  The program closely screens all potential recipients and donors to ensure they meet our requirements for acceptance into the egg donor program.  Our experienced team works closely with our reproductive endocrinologists insuring the individualized management and personalized care of all donors and recipients from the start to the finish of their treatment cycle.

Cost should not prevent you from pursuing this program as a means of achieving your dream of parenthood.  We are able to offer various programs at highly competitive rates.  These programs include full egg donation cycles as well as our embryo donation program.  Part of our success is due to our team’s ability to select and match only the highest quality egg donors from the pool of young women available in South Florida.

For established patients going through our donor program:

The Fairfax EggBank and IVFMD have a brief instruction guide for the process that you will be going through.

How to work with FairFax EggBank and IVFMD

South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine IVFMD is listed as a verified clinic by The World Egg Bank.

Read more about them in the PDF information Booklet.