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There are now treatments to help almost everyone overcome infertility.

Since 1991, IVFMD has seen many advances in infertility treatments and Assisted Reproductive Technologies.¬†Today, It is said that nearly 90% of all infertility cases, both male and female factor, are overcome through treatment, including surgical and medical techniques. The IVFMD physicians are continually working to develop a treatment plan specific to each patient’s needs that will lead to the desired result of conceiving a child.

At IVFMD, it is our goal to treat to determine the treatment option that will be most fitting for the patients situation based on financial, social, religious, ethical and medical factors. Below is a complete list of services and treatments that are available at IVFMD.  For more information on any of these treatments, please fill out our online contact form or call us toll free at (866) IVFMD66.