After experiencing two consecutive miscarriages we just knew something wasn’t right. All basic testing showed that everything was “normal” but we chose to seek out a second opinion. Based on his amazing reviews we decided to see Dr. Roseff and words cannot describe how incredibly thankful we are that we did.
Our initial consult was so detailed and thorough, something we were not accustomed to with our OBGYN. After extensive testing, Dr. Roseff revealed our fertility struggles and developed a comprehensive treatment plan. He is so methodical and diligent with his medical practice and we immediately knew we were in the best care. Dr. Roseff truly takes the time to discuss every step of the way in detail, is eager to answer any and all of your questions, and is very honest and understanding.
His nurse, Kristi, has also been so supportive and accessible throughout the entire process. From the receptionists to the nursing staff, every single staff member at the Boca location has made us feel so at home and like family.
We are so happy to say that we conceived on our first try and are now 10 weeks pregnant from IVF ICSI and we will definitely be back for our subsequent pregnancy attempts! We highly recommend this practice to anyone needing fertility assistance.

July, 2017

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