IVFMD in the Press

Alternatives for Ovarian Stimulation?

featuring Enrique Soto, M.D.

“New research in the UK shows that kisspeptin may be effective to use for the IVF trigger and carries less side effects for overstimulation than an hCG trigger. Dr. Enrique Soto (IVFMD, South Florida Inst. for Reproductive Medicine)—an IVFAdvantage provider—discusses this new research and the implications it has for the future of IVF in America.”


 Choosing An Egg Donor

featuring Enrique Soto, M.D.

“DEIVF—in vitro fertilization with eggs from a donor—is a decision that no couple takes lightly. It can be very difficult to decide to proceed without using their own eggs.”


How To Choose An Egg Donor

featuring Enrique Soto, M.D.

“Making the decision to do donor egg IVF (DEIVF) is one that no couple takes lightly. What factors should be considered?”


Are Lubricants Really OK for Male Fertility?

featuring Scott Roseff, M.D.

“When trying to conceive or undergoing fertility treatment, couples are typically told to stay away from vaginal lubricants because they can affect sperm motility (movement).”


Artificial Ovary ‘Breakthrough’ Carries Practical Limitations

featuring Maria Bustillo, M.D.

“In Time magazine’s Top 10 Medical Breakthroughs of 2010, the field of infertility and assisted reproduction received a good deal of representation. Out of the 10 medical breakthroughs listed, two were infertility advances, including a procedure that may predict in vitro fertilization (IVF) success and the creation of an artificial ovary that may one day nurture human eggs out of the body.”


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