Esteemed Colleagues

2016 was a year to celebrate- IVFMD(SFIRM) completed the milestone of 25 years of treating Infertility in our community. Thanks to your trust and confidence in our team we have been able to grow and become the largest IVF program in the entire state of Florida and the only one with an IVF lab in all 4 counties we have offices in.

(Please look us up on

We primarily explain our steady growth and expansion as an entirely independent practice with continuously superior and nationally competitive treatment outcomes as verified on

No doubt our creative and sensitive pricing and financing options also have a big impact. We currently are the only IVF program in the community to offer “Simplified” – an all-inclusive IVF package – one price for all the medication and services within a chosen IVF treatment option. There is simply no substitute for the comfort of knowing in advance how much a cycle will cost. “Price Assurance” policy guarantees the best package price in the area.* IVFMD’s free 2nd opinion offer has been embraced by hundreds of couples with prior treatment failures or just looking for another option.

Innovation is what drives progress and better outcomes. To illustrate our commitment to “Best Practice” standards, please review the following:


Our multilingual team of internationally recognized experts contributes in excess of 150 years of experience and includes our senior physician who participated in the creation of one of the first IVF babies born in the USA (1981).


  • First IVF program in Florida to exclusively perform “Extended Embryo Culture”
  • Pre-conception Genetic Screening is standard at IVFMD/SFIRM
  • First IVF program in South Florida to offer comprehensive “In-house” Lifestyles program and nutritional counseling
  • Personalized Physician-Patient care concept- it’s the hallmark of our success
  • Hysterosalpingograms (HSG) in the comfort of our Cooper City and Miami office locations

We have the best price* for fertility preservation, participating with and egg freezing for women simply wishing to safely delay pregnancy. We have become well known for our responsive management, compassionate counseling and guidance.

…And to assure you that success is not only a number on paper, we will continue to host our legendary annual Mother’s Day events, both locally and abroad – come and join us on the Saturday before Mother’s Day to celebrate 25 years together with thousands of happy families as living proof. in the community.

Connie Alford, MD • Maria Bustillo, MD • Juergen Eisermann, MD • Kenneth Gelman, MD • Jenna McCarthy, MD
Scott Roseff, MD • Enrique Soto, MD • Kimberly Thompson, MD • Ellen Wood, DO and Staff


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