IVFMD Connection December


Natalie R.

About 7 weeks ago I gave birth to a beautiful and perfectly healthy baby boy!  I still cannot believe this little miracle that we are so blessed to have!  At 42, my odds of getting pregnant were already low, so my expectations for IVF working were not high. Fortunately, I had an AMAZING doctor - Jenna McCarthy.  She's funny, sweet, attentive, knows her stuff, and it's sooo obvious she really LOVES her job! I couldn't have asked for a better doc!  All credit for this perfect little bundle of joy goes to her and her embryologist!  One other thing I really appreciate about her is her honesty - I asked her from the beginning what my chances were of having a successful IVF cycle and she didn't sugar-coat it or otherwise attempt to persuade me in any one direction - she just gave me the facts and let me decide.  So glad I made the decision to leave the first IVF doc I went to and switch over to her!  Love, love, LOVE Dr. McCarthy!
Natalie R. Dr. Jenna McCarthy Thursday, 25 September 2014