Donor Sperm

IVFMD has partnered with Seattle Sperm Bank to provide our patients with access to Donor Sperm directly on-site. This means NO waiting for samples to be shipped from across the country.

Click to see Donor Sperm Available from Seattle Sperm Bank that is locally available at IVFMD.

Who needs Donor Sperm?

  • women in a same-sex partnership
  • single women
  • men whose sperm is unlikely to fertilize an egg
  • men who produce little or no sperm
  • men with a family history of genetic disease
  • men with past vasectomy or testicular failure
  • men undergoing treatment for cancer
A: IVFMD and Seattle Sperm Bank collaborate to offer the highest quality sperm donors, using industry-leading screening, and the highest level of customer service.

IVFMD stores vials at a central location onsite, from Seattle Sperm Bank’s donors that are available to IVFMD patients with instant access to units, at a lower price.

One of the many benefits with the IVFMD / Seattle Sperm Bank partnership is that all units are readily available. Only local shipping between the IVFMD locations may apply. This saves on shipping costs, it also eliminates any issues with shipping samples in time for the treatment.

IVFMD staff will automatically arrange for your samples to be prepared for your scheduled insemination.

All you have to do is select your preferred donor, place the order online, and select your treating physician. We will take care of everything else.

A: This service is only for IVFMD’s established patients. You may purchase sperm directly from us after you have had your initial patient consultation with your physician at IVFMD.
A: By purchasing donor sperm directly from IVFMD, you will lower if not eliminate the shipping costs. The sperm is already here, on site, and available to you right away without the usual cross country shipping.
A: Through IVFMD you will only have access to on-site IUI ready vials. For ICI ready vials you will be purchasing directly from the Seattle Sperm Bank, and all standard fees apply. For questions about IUI vs ICI vials please contact your Third Party Reproduction Coordinator.
A: No, All Donor Sperm is screened by Seattle Sperm Bank. Seattle Sperm Bank is fully compliant with FDA regulations governing reproductive tissue banks.
A: No, you are always permitted to purchase Donor Sperm from any other bank and have it shipped to IVFMD.