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IVFMD - Email Testimonial

I would like to say thank you for your help in this process. I have learned alot and i appreciate all of it. I am finally hopeful that i will get back to my normal self. The last few yrs have been hard on me. I was always very active and i maintained a healthy weight but when i started gaining and not knowing why it was difficult i saw many drs and didn'tĀ  know why but i finally saw an endo in MiamiĀ  and he was the one who diagnosed me with pcos he told me it was the cause of my weight gain but didn't help me to loose it just told me it would be difficult. And now you and dr Roseff have helped me. Its only been 10lbs but its a good sign for me i will be able to get back. And i didn't look so bad in my wedding pictures. So thank you for helping me look a little better, still have a ways to go but progress is progress.
IVFMD - Email Testimonial Tuesday, 21 October 2014