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…are teaming-up to offer patients Compassionate Care in 2013!!!

Here’s how it works:

  • ALL patients will qualify – yes, 100%! 
  • 75/50/10 – Tiers will be established allowing patients to qualify for medication discounts at the following levels: 75%, 50%, and everyone will at least qualify for 10% coverage!
  • Patients will get a response as to which tier they qualify for within 48 Hours after applying
  • Patients will have 12 Months to use their medication discounts at the tier they qualify for, allowing for Multiple Cycles if needed!
  • The following 3 Medications will all be eligible for the discounts: Gonal-f, Cetrotide, and Ovidrel!

Enrollment Form

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Call us at 855-255-5005 to get the enrollment process started today!

Free Shipping and Supplies everywhere in the U.S. (Same Day in S. FL)

Minimum order of $200

This program and information is subject to change at any time.





A special thanks to Dr. Ellen Wood  and staffs who were patiently there for me and my husband during our difficult  journey of conceiving a baby without the sickle cell desease. After two failed cycles, my hudband and I were emotionally drained and wanted to give up... Dr. Ellen was there for us every single step of the way to help out with advices, medications and many more. Now, we are home with a beautiful daughter because of her persistence. We love and appreciate you and your works Dr. Ellen! The Sylvain's family,
G.Sylvain Appreciation Thursday, 03 October 2013