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…are teaming-up to offer patients Compassionate Care in 2013!!!

Here’s how it works:

  • ALL patients will qualify – yes, 100%! 
  • 75/50/10 – Tiers will be established allowing patients to qualify for medication discounts at the following levels: 75%, 50%, and everyone will at least qualify for 10% coverage!
  • Patients will get a response as to which tier they qualify for within 48 Hours after applying
  • Patients will have 12 Months to use their medication discounts at the tier they qualify for, allowing for Multiple Cycles if needed!
  • The following 3 Medications will all be eligible for the discounts: Gonal-f, Cetrotide, and Ovidrel!

Enrollment Form

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Call us at 855-255-5005 to get the enrollment process started today!

Free Shipping and Supplies everywhere in the U.S. (Same Day in S. FL)

Minimum order of $200

This program and information is subject to change at any time.




Grateful Couple

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Eiserman and Dr. Bustillo, we are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. Truly a miracle, with mom age 34(low ovarian reserve) and dad 47 (Azoospermia) we don't think this would have been possible without utilizing their substantial knowledge, background and expertise in the fertility and IVF techniques.  Sensitive to the decision we would be making in choosing the right sperm donor, the doctors and staff always provided clear, honest, and complete communication to ensure we came up with a plan that we were both comfortable with, and that had the highest possibility of success. Throughout this very emotional and important decision-making process, we were treated with great compassion. Drs. Eiserman and Dr. Bustillo were always accessible to answer questions and address concerns. They provided the information and advise necessary to help us make informed choices and to be comfortable with every step of our journey. The personal, caring and very supportive staff (Yoselyn Diaz-Hernandez and Delsy!! ) made such important and critical events all the more manageable throughout the entire process. We were so appreciative to have everyone at IVFMD, South Florida, by our side during this emotional time. Needless to say, we can't thank Drs. Eiserman and Bustillo, as well as Nurses. Yoselyn and Delsy enough.  We always felt like they were 100% committed to giving us the best possible chance of success. We started the journey in March 2012 and by February 2013; we brought home a healthy, full-term new member of the family through their expertise, compassion, and attention to detail.
Grateful Couple Friday, 08 November 2013